Risks & Audits

Smart Contracts Risks

As the protocol engages with multiple smart contracts, there are inherent risks involved. These risks may include both identified and unidentified vulnerabilities that could lead to smart contract failures or vulnerabilities, potentially resulting in the permanent loss or locking of assets.

Liquidation Risks

The value of assets supplied or borrowed on the protocol may vary due to systemic risks associated with the issuing platforms or market volatility. This includes the possibility of certain pegged assets losing their peg. Consequently, users may face the risk of liquidation or the need to close their positions.

Risk Assessment & Management

TASHI collaborates closely with Chaos Labs to diligently evaluate and manage asset risks within the TASHI Liquidity Market (TLM). This partnership ensures the secure optimization of capital efficiency while safeguarding user funds.


In close collaboration with Watchpug, TASHI prioritizes regular security audits for the protocol. It is important to note that while security audits are conducted, risks cannot be completely eliminated. We strongly advise against supplying your life savings or assets that you cannot afford to lose to TASHI, particularly as a liquidity provider.

Smart Contract Audit Report: Completed May -June 2023 by Watchpug

Tashi Audit Report

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