Meet Tashi: Tashi is a lending platform developed on Evmos incubated by Rome Blockchain Labs, known for creating BENQI and launching Moonwell. The platform uses an innovative interest rate pricing model to improve capital efficiency.

Breakdown of TASHI Supply: TASHI has a total supply of 720M. Here is how it is divided:

  • Liquidity Incentives: 20% is for lenders and borrowers on Tashi over 3-4 years.

  • Core Contributors: 18% goes to Tashi's main contributors over a 30-month vesting period.

  • Initial DEX Liquidity: 15% is allocated to liquidity pools at launch.

  • Public Sale: 10% is given to buyers as 50% TASHI and 50% xTASHI.

  • Partnerships: 8% is for supporting long-term partners.

  • Liquidity Reserves: 8% is saved for future liquidity needs.

  • Reserves: 7.5% is kept for unexpected future needs.

  • Development Fund: 4% is for project runway and contractor payments.

  • Ecosystem: 3.5% is for grants and programs that support Tashi.

  • Genesis Pools: 2.5% is for initial suppliers and paid in esTASHI over three months.

  • Advisors: 2.5% is for project advisors over a 30-month vesting period.

  • Bug Bounty: 1% is for bug discovery and resolution

Tashi Genesis Pools Suppliers:

On June 14th, Tashi will open Genesis Pools for supplied assets supporting EVMOS and ATOM. After the token sale, the pools will become withdrawal-only until full protocol launch, and each pool's genesis block rewards will be shared pro rata among remaining suppliers. Suppliers can continue staking in the pool until it sunsets on September 14th.

Tashi Token Sale:

Important Details: 10% of the TASHI supply will be available for sale. Buyers will receive their $TASHI and xTASHI tokens. At least 5% of the sale's proceeds will go to the Rewards Fund, providing a base reward for xTASHI stakers in the first year.

The TASHI Staking Program:

Stake TASHI as xTASHI to get block rewards and increased fee rebates. The conversion of TASHI to xTASHI is 1:1. It takes 6 months to convert xTASHI back to TASHI at a 1:1 ratio, or 15 days at a 1:0.5 ratio. If you wish to convert TASHI to xTASHI, you must KYC your address. If you prefer not to KYC, convert TASHI to esTASHI to get the benefits of xTASHI without the staking rewards.

Benefits of xTASHI:

xTASHI stakers receive borrowing fee rebates, protocol liquidation penalty fee rebates, and staking block rewards. The rewards are given weekly as xTASHI and other assets.

Protocol Earnings Distribution:

For the first 3 months, 20% of protocol earnings will go to the xTASHI Rewards Fund. The distribution of protocol earnings will be reevaluated every 3 months based on the success and needs of the protocol.

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