Experience Tashi's Borrow-Lend Protocol

Zero Risk Involved

At Tashi, our mission is to bolster financial wellness and autonomy through our decentralized lending and borrowing platform. In an exciting stride towards this, we’re thrilled to unveil the Tashi Testnet. This innovative initiative is more than just a safe environment; it’s an empowerment tool designed to enhance informed decision-making and foster community collaboration.

Learning by doing is a powerful approach to education. When you actively participate and experiment on the Testnet, you gain hands-on, practical knowledge about Tashi’s features and functions. From understanding the borrow-lend protocol to diving deep into the dynamics of over-collateralized loans and the Loan Health score, you get a clear picture of what you are getting into before you actually commit.

Testnet Tokens: Unlocking Learning Rewards

To encourage active participation and growth, we’re awarding Testnet tokens to all users. These tokens serve as an incentive to try the dApp before it is launched, facilitating a deeper understanding of Tashi’s functionalities. The more you engage with the Testnet, the greater your potential rewards and personal financial growth.

Step 1: Unlocking Your Testnet Tokens

Please begin by connecting your wallet and switching to the Evmos Network.

Next, you can accept your test tokens from the top of the page or in the drop-down menu.

Step #2 Adding the Testnet Tokens to Your MetaMask Wallet

Go to your Meta Mask Wallet and click to "Import Tokens"

Copy and Paste Contract Addresses for Testnet Tokens

Contract Lending USDT 0x07d7c5f9d0d0811197fd452dd5b20219a05a87a3

Contract Lending WETH 0x51a5da52173168cd5f6821cb5a4b40f5a854a692

Contract Lending USDC 0x96db06eecbfc717dff3e575b06645f6cfea287e7

Contract Lending ATOM 0x6112bd7eff87ad45e2b0f65ac3f6bfaffd47744e

Contract Lending EVMOS 0x66ef4622a837c9737ed0e7eb8a3c077bd31fff53

Contract Lending WBTC 0xefadbfb05556e06f3bfca957780b8254f898aae4

Step #3 Depositing Your Tokens into the Supply Pool

Select the Token (in this case "ATOM") and the amount (7.5 ATOM) that you would like to Supply, then click "Approve & Supply"

Please note that you will have to set the spending cap in your MetaMask Wallet, and approve that transaction before being able to supply your token.

After approving and supplying your token, it will be shown on your Dashboard Tab under "Supplied"

Please note: the "Total supplied" value is represented by the USD value.

Step #4 Collateralizing Your Assets

After supplying your assets, you can utilize them as collateral by toggling the the collateral switch.

Step #5 Borrowing Against Your Collateralized Assets

In order for users to maximize the efficiency of their assets, they can borrow against the assets that they have enabled as collateral. This provides the user with liquidity, or working capital, without the need to liquidate an existing asset.

Go to the "Borrow" tab on your dashboard where you can select which asset you would like to borrow. You can now choose a specific amount using percentages bar beneath based off of your borrow limit, or input the desired amount.

The Collateral Factor on Testnet will be 70% for each asset. However, on Mainnet the Collateral Factor will differ for each asset representing the highest possible borrowing amount from the protocol with the asset that was enabled as collateral.

Step #6 Repaying Your Borrowed Assets

To access the repayments section, go to the Borrow tab on your Dashboard and at the very bottom of your screen you will see a list of your borrowed assets. You can then choose to fully or partially repay back the asset that you borrowed by clicking the "Repay" button on the right side of your screen.

Step #7 Where to Claim Your Block Rewards

Users that supply assets into the pools are eligible to earn interest. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assigned to an asset is not a fixed value but rather undergoes continuous recalibration over time. Users can claim these rewards by visiting the Claims page located under the "Opportunities" Tab.

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